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Reconditioned Perkins Engines

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Other Perkins Engines are available, please contact us for more information.
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1004 Phaser Non Turbo

£3,250 + VAT

£600 + VAT

1004T Phaser Turbo

£3,650 + VAT

£600 + VAT

1006 Phaser Non Turbo

£4,250 + VAT

£600 + VAT

1006T Phaser Turbo

£4,750 + VAT

£600 + VAT

4.236 Non Turbo

£3,250 + VAT

£600 + VAT

1104 Series

£3,950 + VAT

£600 + VAT

All Exchange Full Perkins Engines are fitted with Reconditioned Fuel Pump and Injectors.

Turbocharged Perkins Engines are supplied with a Reconditioned Turbocharger.

Prices Include running-in oil and delivery by carrier in England and Wales. Delivery to Scotland extra.

All Full Perkins engines are dynomometer tested and are guaranteed for 12 Months

*Engine Surcharge is Refundable in full when the old unit is received at our premises provided that it is
Re-conditionable  and complete.